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Ankündigung: Konferenz Hiroshima – Nagasaki – Fukushima – Articulations of the Nuclear. The Case of Japan.

19. - 21. Mai 2022

This conference will conclude the research project "The Split Society: Discursive constitution of Japan between atomic bomb (genbaku) and nuclear energy (genpatsu)", which has been funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft over the last three years. The project saw the spaces of "Hiroshima - Nagasaki - Fukushima" examined as on discursive space and timeframe, in which the aforementioned genbaku-genpatsu-dichotomy successfully developed and archieved a public consensus that has been contestet.

We aim to understand the different forms and actors in the articulation of the nuclear through an examination of "texts" and "images" (as understood in the snede promulgated within critical cultural studies). Articulation here refers to both sides of such discursive strategies: Rendering visible versus rendering invisible, and representing the "nuclear dispositive". Thus, "gaps", that is, the mechanisms of rendering visible and representing, which inconclude forgetting, repressing, and concealing - consciously oder unconsiously - are all to be discussed. Ultimately, gaps such as these do not appear by chance.

Mehr Informationen finden Sie auf der Projektseite und dem Konferenzprogramm

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